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Advising: Core Curriculum

Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education (BA) Core Requirements

The list below does not include elementary/special education major or cognate requirements. Other professional program requirements will vary from this list. (Also compare to core requirements for general degrees - BA, BS, or BCS.) Visit the Off Campus Programs page to find out how a semester or interim abroad can fulfill some of the core requirements below.

Core Gateway

Category Courses Required Options
Developing a Christian Mind (DCM) one IDIS 150. Transfer credit not accepted for DCM.
First-Year Seminar one IDIS 149


Core Competencies

Category Courses Required Options
Written Rhetoric one ENGL 101, ENGL 102. Must complete with a grade of "C" or better.
Foundations of Information Technology one IDIS 110 (Exemption exam offered); CS 100, 106, 108; ENGR 101
Rhetoric In Culture one CAS 214
Health & Fitness (Personal Fitness) one PER 101-119
Health & Fitness (Leisure & Lifetime) one PER 150
Health & Fitness (Sport, Dance & Society) one KIN 223
Foreign Language Completion of one of the following: CHIN 202; DUTC 202; FREN 113, 202; GERM 123, 202; GREE 206; JAPN 202; KOR 202; LATN 202, 205; SPAN 202, 203. High school exemption possible.


Core Studies

Category Courses Required Options
History of the West and the World one HIST 151, 152
Philosophical Foundations one PHIL 153
Biblical or Theological Foundations I one REL 121, 131. Transfer credit not accepted: students must take at least one of their religion core courses at Calvin.
Biblical or Theological Foundations II not required  
Persons in Community one EDUC 202
Societal Structures in N. America one IDIS 205
Literature not required (alternatively, elementary, early childhood, and special ed majors are required to take a Children's/Adolescent Lit cognate instead of lit core - see catalog or AER for details)
Global and Historical Studies not required  
The Arts one EDUC 210
Mathematics two MATH 221 & 222
Natural World two SCES 121 & 122
Cross Cultural Engagement three IDIS 205, EDUC 322, and EDUC 398


Core Capstone

Category Courses Required Options
Integrative Studies one EDUC 398. Transfer Credit not accepted for Integrative Studies.


You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556