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Advising: Core Curriculum

Engaging God's world

"We are called to obey God as whole persons in every area of life…education should explicitly connect the way we think with the way we live” — Expanded Statement of Mission, p. 18


Year 1: First Year Seminar is a seven-week course taken during your first year that introduces you to issues of learning, identity, vocation, discernment, and awareness through discussions and presentations. Developing a Christian Mind (DCM) is a first-year interim course that introduces you to the development of a Christian worldview and a faith-based engagement with culture.


Four tiers: Core Gateway, Core Competencies, Core Stuides, Core CapstoneYear 1 to 4: These courses, such as written rhetoric, foreign language, and information technology, develop skills essential to your academic success at Calvin and beyond.


Year 1 to 4: Core studies courses are designed to introduce you to a variety of disciplines—from math to history—and to give you a wider understanding of the world we live in. Typically a number of them will overlap with courses required in your major.


Year 3 or 4: The Capstone is one course, usually taken junior or senior year, that draws together the themes of core curriculum with your area of study. This course helps you take stock of what you've learned in your time at Calvin and how you can use that knowledge to engage the world and your chosen field.

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