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Advising: Faculty Advisors

Plan your academic program with a faculty advisor

Your academic advisor's responsibility is to help you plan an efficient, fruitful academic program, and to ensure that you are familiar with and can make the best use of the college curriculum.

Advisors encourage students' initiative, offer accurate course/program information, provide a liaison to other college resources, and make clear their concern for the academic and personal welfare of their students. They listen to their advisees and strive to understand student goals and aspirations, and in this light help them evaluate their academic programs. Advisors also understand the nature of and the rationale for Calvin's Christian liberal arts education and should be able to articulate its important connection to your academic program.

Most advisors are available for consultation during both regularly scheduled weekly office hours and the semi-annual academic advising days.

For an example of an advising appointment with an education advisor, see the education advising pages and preview their videos!

More questions?

Visit our advising FAQ page for information about how to find your advisor and/or schedule an advising appointment.