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Summer Research: 2009 Projects

2009 science summer research projects

During the summer of 2009, 81 student students worked on 57 different research projects across the science division.

Here is a sampling of those projects, organized by scientific field:


  • Ben Konynenbelt and Dan Minarik worked with John Ubels to develop and evaluate eye drops for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.
  • Peter Dornbos traveled with Keith Grasman to the Adirondack Mountains in New York to study the impact of airborne mercury on the immune function of Common Loons (birds).
  • Jodi Unema and Josh Garone worked in Calvin's Ecosystem Preserve conducting a census of breeding birds, a sampling of small mammals and a census of the preserve's tree population.


Computer science

  • Nat Burns worked with Harry Plantinga to develop a method to use algorithms and similarity measures to search for similarities in musical scores.


  • Nate Gifford studied existing recycling technology with Aubrey Sykes in order to see improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of recycling programs over time.
  • Amanda Hayes worked with David Wunder to investigate the water treatment properties of bagasse charcoal for developing global regions.

Geology, geography and environmental studies

  • Andrew Quackenbush worked with Johnathan Bascom (GEO) to illustrate the first atlas to be published of Africa's newest country: Eritrea. The atlas will be used as a textbook at universities and schools in Eritrea.

Mathematics and statistics

  • Sarah Snoeyink and Ethan Van Andel worked together with Michael Bolt (mathematics) on numerical conformal mapping and potential theory in the plane.

Physics and astronomy

    A physics researcher
    Nathan Meyers studied lipid phase transitions with Paul Harper.
  • Andrew Harmon and Zach Smith worked with Matt Walhout to produce and study an unusal molecule, the krypton molecule.
  • Katherine Shomsky, Peter Plantinga, Tim Atallah and Zach Smith worked as a team with Stan Haan in an ongoing project in theoretical physics investigating the mechanisms by which lasers with visible or infrared wavelengths remove two electrons from atoms.
  • Luke Lesiman studied the cool cores in the spaces between galaxies with Deborah Haarsma.


  • Charlotte Du Laney studied the neuronal function of Probsts bundles in brain tissue with Paul Moes.


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