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Science Summer Research at Calvin

Research opportunities

At Calvin, science comes alive as students partner with faculty to conduct research in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology/geography/environmental studies, mathematics/statistics, nursing, physics/astronomy and psychology.

Paid research fellowships are available each summer. In 2018:

  • 93 students worked with 48 Calvin professors from eight departments.
  • 57 research projects explored a wide variety of projects. Some examples: studying which mechanisms contribute to some autoimmune diseases, testing techniques to locate songbird nests,determining the effect certain proteins have on cellular activity, studying the malignant transformation of kidney tubule cells, monitoring social media using machine learning, evaluating a drinking water treatment method for Ethiopia, mapping and data analysis on the cleanup of contaminated sites across Michigan, evaluating activities designed to improve reproductive health management. See a complete list of the 2018 summer research projects.
  • Students received a $4100 stipend for 10 weeks of research.
  • 44% of the projects were externally funded by grants from outside Calvin College
  • 37% more were funded by private donors