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Intramurals: Rules & Policies: Red and Yellow Cards

To encourage a sense of community in intramural sports, no referees will be provided for games. It is our hope that such an environment teachings teams and individuals to be self-monitoring and responsible for their own behavior.

An intramural assistant will be present to assist with the logistics of all activities.

Any individual or team that is found guilty of acting in an unsportsman-like manner may be disqualified from all IM participation for the balance of the individual's college career, or any part thereof. The opinion of the sports supervisor will be the deciding factor in the suspension of a participant. However, all suspensions will be reviewed by the IM director. If another member of the team is a party to the unsportsmanlike conduct, that individual or the team may be barred from IM participation for the balance of the year or any part thereof.

Some examples of the infractions which would be considered as an unsportsmanlike act are:

  • Playing under an assumed name.
  • Playing illegally on more than one team.
  • Misrepresenting a score.
  • Being a varsity/jayvee participant and withholding the fact.
  • Willfully taking action to injure an opponent.
  • Playing "out of position" to gain unfair advantage in IM sports where ability is an important part of positioning.
  • Behaving grossly or unruly at an IM contest either as a player, coach or spectator.
  • Using swear words toward another or swearing loudly.
  • Any other unsportsmanlike or unacceptable action displayed in any manner or degree.

IM supervisors are empowered to deliver a yellow or red card in all intramural leagues and tournaments. If a player or teams unsportsman-like conduct warrants a yellow card, the coach will receive a warning and take responsibility for altering the teams conduct. If a team or players unsportman-like conduct warrants a red card, the player or team will be disqualified from the league and/or tournament.