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Onstage: 2008-09

The Tempest

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Stephanie Sandberg

Featuring Michael Page

In the Lab Theatre
Nov. 6, 7, 8 & 13, 14, 15
, with additional matinees on Nov. 5 and 12 at 10 a.m. for area schools

At 8:00 p.m. (except matinees)


Prospero has had twelve long years to plot his revenge against the usurping lords of Milan. Twelve years to perfect his spells, tame the spirits and raise his daughter to womanhood.

Now, with his magic and the spirit Ariel, he will regain his Dukedom and lead his daughter to love. In Shakespeare's final stage play, you will experience the splendid music of his magical language and the gorgeous mystery of his stories.

The Cast

Michael Page
Moriah Ophardt
Steve VanderZee
Ferdinand, son of Naples/Sebastian
Branden Rudie
Alonzo, King of Naples/Triculo/Boatswain
Brandon DeWyn
Antonio, Brother to Prospero/Stephano
Chris Hageman
Abby Koning
Emily Howell

Production Personnel

Director of Theatre
David J. Leugs
Lighting Design
David J. Leugs
Costume Design
Heather Leigh Brown
Sound Design
Mike Brooks (Alumni)
Scenic Design
Jayme Mellema (Alumni)
Technical Director
Christian Poquette
Costume Shop Manager
Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence
Jan Hennink
Stage Manager
Erin Demoray
Assistant Stage Managers
Jessie Leugs, Emilie VanStee
Dramaturgy/Lobby Display
Krystina Schripsema, Cassidhe Hart
House Manager
Nicole Lenko

Technical Staff

Scenic Carpenters
Peter DeKievit
Head Electrician
Charles Powell
Costume Stitchers
Rachael Bright, Emily Nelson, Moriah Ophardt, Annie Tilma
Nathaniel Schmidt


Scenery Construction
Christina Binder, Katie Hall, Priscilla Megalaa, Sarah Gore, Bonnie Robison
Paint Crew
Candace Price, Katy Scott
Props Prep
Amy Allen, Alicia Sheppard, Lauren Wiersma
Costume Crew Coordinator
Leighanne Sturgis
Costume Running
Emily Diener, Jessie Morse
Stage Running
Andrew Szobody, Hannah Chee, Kristen Vriesema, Caleb King, Lauren Cook, Kristina Russie
Electrics Load- In
Jake Schepers, Kendra Wassink, Steve Hiben, Abby VanLeeuwen, Zach Fisk
Lightboard Operator
Dan Christmann
Soundboard Operator
David Schripsema, Benjamin David
Erica Beversluis
Bethany Duemler, Sarah DeRidder, Stacy Ladenburger, Katelyn Buisman
Camera Operator/Video
Felicia Staring, Mark Broe
T-shirt Sales
Katie Tenhulzen, Tany Adams