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Productions: 1951-52


Written by Kent Prell

Musical arrangements by Jack Grotenhuis

Directed by Mrs. Martin Batts

Assisted by Claire Kingma

In the Ottawa Hills High School Auditorium

On Dec. 5, 6, 7


The drama tells the story of Melody, a sensitive young girl from an average middle-class Christian home. Her desire in life is to become a successful concert artist, and as a result of this, she comes in conflict with her disillusioned brother, George, a veteran who has recently returned from the war. To Melody, music is ‘life… even love’and the concert career epitomizes this. But to her brother, the concert career is just a means of pulling her away from her family, her values and even God.

The Cast

Melody Merrill
Mary Boerema
George Merrill
Roger Slater
Constance Merrill
Frances Peterson
Jimmy Grant
Melvin Hugen
David Merrill
Byron Breems
Professor Gilbert Fetinoff
Milford Bentley
Doug Linden
James Hasper
Muriel Linden
Delorna Berghuis
Jerry Masters
Fred Brugma
Alice Stendhall
Ester Bouma
Laura Jennings
Marilyn Vande Riet
Police Officer
Allan Jongsma
Dr. Steinmetz
Melvin Dykstra
Ambulance Attendents
Herbert De Vries, Edwin Roels
Special Piano Effects
Grace VanDyk
Background Music
Grace VanDyk (piano), Harriet DeWaard (Violin), Grace Stevens (cello)


Production Manager
Bernie Van’t Hul
James Hasper
Mel Hugen (Chairman), Fred Brugma, Charles Dykstra, Joan Breisch, Lorraine Berghuis, Gert Hoogstrate
Ed Boeve (Chairman), Charles Dykstra, Herb DeVries, Edwin Roels, Edward Meyer
Charolyn Balfort (chairman), Ella Bruins, Betty DeVries, Verna Mae Kooi, Marguerite Vogel
Ted Andriese (Chairman), Kent Prell, Helen Hertel
Jack Grotenhuis (chairman), Grace VanDyk, Marguerite Vogel
Dick VanderZyden (Chairman), Allan VanderPloeg, John VanderHeide, Don Bratt, Judy Steves, Dot DeLano
Herb Start (Chairman), Hank VanDyk, Ronald Jager, Grace VanDyk, Jean Bushman
Ardne VandenBerg (Chairman), Janet Battjes, Mary Tolsma, Shirley Pousma, Marilyn Drukker
Mel Dykstra (Chairman), George Slater, Edward Meyer
Gretchen Bouwsma, Betty Jo Huizenga