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2014 Summer Program

Classes & Concerts

CALL membership is not required for enrollment in summer classes.

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2014 Summer Classes

  1. What Bird is That?
  2. Golf
  3. Russia
  4. Cooking for One (or Two)
    1. Monday & Wednesday
    2. Tuesday & Thursday
  5. Women and the White House
  6. iPad 101
  7. Walking in Sensible Shoes
  8. Psalms for Summer
  9. From Cairo to Tehran and Hamas to Hezbollah
  10. Playing the Play
  11. iPad 201 (must have completed a prior iPad class)
  12. Short Forms: Cutting Gems
  13. A Chaplains Observations of the U.S. Military

2014 Concert Series

Each summer CALL hosts a series of music concerts with locally renowned musicians. The cost for each concert is $5 per person or a special savings of all 3 concerts for $10 per person.

Concerts are held from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall on Calvin's campus in June.

The 2014 summer concert series features:

  • June 16 - Nancy Van Noord, Ecclesiastes: A Musical Reflection of the Seasons of Life
  • June 17 - Trudi Huizenga and Ann Noteboom, Dvorák: Ten Biblical Songs, opus 99
  • June 18 - Windsounds Woodwind Quintet, Music Dancing: The Styles and Moods of Music

These lessons and classes are planned and supported by the CALL Summer Programs Committee. Although geared to the interests of older learners, you do NOT need to be a CALL member to participate in the summer programs. Friends, family, and neighbors are welcome! If you have questions, e-mail