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Noontime Series-Noon on Thursdays


Nootime Series LogoFree one-hour programs held at 12-1 PM in the Calvin Chapel. Note the change in location.
Please join us for these wonderful, engaging, and thought provoking lectures.

Mark your calendars now and share these dates and topics with others.

Spring 2018

Calvin Chapel

(See the taped video sessions from prior lectures at the bottom of this page.)

Powerful, experienced, and passionate are just a few words to describe the speakers in this fall’s lecture series. Hear their inspirational words and feel their passion as they describe  their work and experiences in these thought-provoking lectures:

These free lectures are scheduled at noon on Thursday in the Calvin Chapel. Parking is best in parking lots 1 and 2 off the Burton Street Entrance.

Feb 8 Tara Aday- Safe Haven
The Challenges of Universal Forgiveness in the Face of Domestic Violence

As Christians, are we called to forgive regardless of the transgression? This question of forgiveness is not one taken lightly by Christian Theology. However, in cases of complex trauma, such as domestic violence, must it be given to find true healing? We live in a world where there is an increasing pressure for quick-fix solutions and black-and-white ideology, yet the complexities of the human experience often struggle to fit in this binary paradigm. The same can apply for a domestic violence survivor’s healing journey. While healing might be the ultimate goal, and forgivenessis the one-way ticket to the destination, the lived experience of survivors teaches us that there may be another way to wholeness.

Tara Aday of Safe Haven Ministries will engage participants in a discussion about domestic violence, forgiveness, and healing. Audience members will have an opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of forgiveness and the way in which we frame these discussions when discussing trauma.
Tara Aday is the Director of Prevention and Education at Safe Haven Ministries, a comprehensive domestic violence agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Feb 22 Gordon Olsen
West Michigan In The Great War

When the United States officially entered World War I on April 6, 1917, it had already been destroying European lives, cities, and countryside for nearly three years, and many from West Michigan were already involved. Some immigrants who were not yet U.S. citizens had been called to serve in their homeland armies, others made airplanes in former Grand Rapids furniture plants, a small number of young men had volunteered for combat units especially as pilots in France, and a few West Michigan travelers like members of the Wurzburg family who were trapped in Germany when war broke out, had to remain there until it ended. After President Wilson called for a declaration of War, Michigan units, such as the 32nd National Guard Infantry Division, made up of National Guard units from Wisconsin and Michigan. Wisconsin and later known as the Red Arrow, furnished approximately 25,000 men who were among the first sent overseas. The division suffered a total of 13,261 casualties, 2,250 killed and 11,011 wounded, placing it third in the number of battle deaths among U.S. Army divisions. Draftees from West Michigan also joined the ranks of the Army and Navy. One group, members of the North Russian Expeditionary Force known as the Polar Bears, were still fighting near Archangel, Russia six months after the November 11, 1919 armistice. 
This lecture will look at all these angles of West Michigan’s involvement in World War I in Europe and at home, from military engagement to war industry suppliers and home front volunteers.

Gordon Olson served as Grand Rapids' City Historian from 1978 until he retired in 2002. He has authored numerous books and articles about Grand Rapids history, produced live and videotaped programs, and collected historical manuscripts, photographs and related material for the Grand Rapids Public Library’s Archival Collection.

Mar 8 Dr. Dr. Scott Westhouse, Muriel Zandstra, Dr. Larry Gerbens
The Eyes of the Artist

Macular Degeneration has affected many artists through the ages. We will
use the life and work of prominent Grand Rapids artist, Armand Merizon, to illustrate the effect of
AMD on an individual and his art. A just released book on the life and art of Mr. Merizon will be
Introduced and available. We will also present the latest information and advances in the treatment
of both wet and dry AMD in an easy to understand format.

Presenters: Dr. Scott Westhouse, Muriel Zandstra, Dr. Larry Gerbens

Mar 22 Warden DeWayne Burton and Todd Cioffi
Reforming a Prison:. One Warden's Reflections on the Power of Education

This talk will feature reflections from Warden DeWayne Burton, warden of Richard Handlon prison in Ionia, MI, and Calvin Professor Todd Cioffi, co- director of the Calvin Prison Initiative, on the power of education in rehabilitating inmates and reforming prison culture.  In part, these reflections by Burton and Cioffi will focus on the Calvin Prison Initiative, which offers an accredited B.A. in Ministry Leadership for 60 inmates at Handlon Prison.

Apr 12 Festival of Faith and Writing, Plenary Session, in the Calvin Fieldhouse

The opening plenary lecture for this bi-annual conference is open to all CALL members to attend for free. Please wear your CALL membership card to attend. Details on the keynote speaker to follow at a later date.

Past Noontime Series

November 3: Cynthia Slagter, El Camino Trail, Spain

October 26: Matthew Daley, Origin of Detroit’s Urban Crisis

October 12: Gail Snow, Rakish Reeds Lake

September 28: Dick Harms, Covering the Bases: America’s Pastime in Grand Rapids

September 14, 2017: Brendan Looyenga, Cancer of the Soul

April 20-2017 | Micah Watson | Is there Life after Trump? The First 100 Days- video link coming soon...

April 6-2017 |  Steve Timmermans & Peter Borgdorff | A Season of Challenges: Facing the Times In and Beyond the CRC

March 23-2017 | Henry Baron | Growing Up in WWII: memories and reflections that don’t fade

March 9-2017  Randy Bytwerk  Making Sense of News in an Age of Propaganda

February 23-2017 Pamela Alderman  Healing in Art: A Pathway to Flourishing

February 9-2017  Ana Jose Who are the Refugees in our Midst and What are their Needs?

November 10-2016 Muaz Redzic Religion: Burden or Blessing

October 27-2016   Neil Carlson    A Transformative Reading of James

October 13-2016 Todd Huizinga, Becca McBride, Joel Westra    The 2016 Election

September 29-2016 Buck Matthews The Book in Each of Us

September 15-2016       William Katerberg        American Scripture?  The U.S. Constitution and American Political Culture

March 31-2016  Len Vander Zee, From the Big Bang to the New Creation: God's Big Six Billion Year Long Story of Creation and Redemption

March 10-2016  Ken Piers, Justice for the Earth: A Way Forward

Mar. 3-2016  Sandra Warren, South High School and the B-17 Bomber

February 18-2016, Teresa Weatherall Neal, The GRPS Transformation Success Story

February 4-2016, Bill Vriesema, Renewed by Creation

November 12, 2015 Valerie van Heest, Armistice Day Blizzard

November 5, 2015   George Heartwell, Days as Grand Rapids Mayor

Thursday, October 22, 2015 Jonathan Bradford, Home is Where We Start From

Thursday, September 24, 2015  Herman Keizer,   Moral Injury after War

Thursday, September 10, Michigan's Prison System, by Daniel Heyns (fast forward 15 minutes to the actual lecture)

Thursday, April 23 - Grand Rapids Christian Gospel Choir with Nate Glasper (Assistant Conductor of Calvin College Gospel Choir)  

Thursday, April 9, The Garden as Artist Studio by Hank Ottens

Thursday, March 28- David Rahinsky  (Grand Rapids Police Dept.)  Our Community, Our Commitment – Advancing the Vision

Thursday, March 12- James Bratt  (Calvin History Dept.)  Abraham Kuyper: Passion and Politics

Thursday, Feb. 26-Oppression in the Promised Landby David Crump

Thursday, Feb. 12- Colossians Forum- Conflict as Opportunity? by Michael Gulker

Tuesday, November 11     The Early Music Concert

Thursday, October 30    Calvin Stories in the History of Holland, Michigan by Bob Swierenga

Thursday, October 16, China: Media Revolution, Ministry Opportunities by Kurt Selles

Thursday, October 2, Biomedical Research and Science Education at Van Andel Institute with Steve Triezenberg

Thursday, September 18   Made in the Mitten: Savoring Michigan’s Rich Foodie & Agricultural History , by Dianne Stampfler