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Noontime Series


Nootime Series LogoFree one-hour programs held at 12-1 PM in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall. Note the change in location.
Please join us for these wonderful, engaging, and thought provoking lectures.

Mark your calendars now and share these dates and topics with others.

Spring 2016


(See the taped video sessions from prior lecturesat the bottom of this page.)

Powerful, experienced, and passionate are just a few words to describe the speakers in this spring’s lecture series. Hear their inspirational words and feel their passion as they describe  their work and experiences in these thought-provoking lectures:
Photo of Bill Vriesema
Feb. 4  Bill Vriesema, Renewed by Creation
In the beginning, God created the world--but He didn’t stop there. He is still creating today. Nature photographer, Bill Vriesema from Calvin’s Information Technology Department, sees glimpses of the Creator each day. He will take us on a photographic tour and show us the miracle of the ordinary in each leaf, flower, stone, tree, or bird. By learning how “to see” we can be renewed by creation.  Feb. 18- Teresa Weatherall Neal, The GRPS Transformation Success Story
Four years ago, Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal was appointed interim Superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools. Following an extensive listening tour and independent audit, she went to work developing a comprehensive transformation plan that is now gaining state and national attention for its success. Neal will share the GRPS success story and her vision for the future.

Sandra WarrenMar. 3  Sandra Warren, South High School and the B-17 Bomber
Can children influence the direction of a war? They could and did in 1943 when they sold US War Bonds and War Loan Stamps, $375,000 worth, and bought a B-17 bomber. They named it, dedicated it, and watched it fly off, never to be heard from again. Until now, 72-years later, when the rest of the story can be told. Warren, a South High graduate herself, tells this remarkable true story of a time when people stood up for eachother and their country. 10  Ken Piers, Justice for the Earth: A Way Forward
Where do we currently stand in the progression of climate change?
What has been the response by various faiths as well as secular communities to the challenges climate change presents?
And what does the Citizen Climate Lobby, a non-partisan, grassroots organization propose?
Ken Piers, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Calvin College, will address these questions as well as others on this vitally important topic.

Ashti  Mamash
March 17  Ashti Mamash, A Middle Eastern Journey to the Cross
Having been mentored by Muslims for 25 years, by the Danish Philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard for five years, and later by the community of Dutch American and African American believers for another five years, Ashti tells of the fear and trembling, the despair and hope that marked her dangerous journey to faith in Christ and the peace of God that is beyond understanding.

March 31  Len Vander Zee, From the Big Bang to the New Creation: God's Big Six Billion Year Long Story of Creation and Redemption.
We love and live by stories, that is, we make sense of our lives and the life of this world through the narratives we weave. Scholars call them metanarratives, and one of them is the story of creation and redemption told in the Bible. How do we tell that grand metanarrative, first told in the language of the ancient Near East, today in the light of what we now know about the age and origins of the universe, and why is that important?
Apr. 14  Festival of Faith & Writing speaker

These free lectures are scheduled at noon in Calvin’s RECITAL HALL in the Covenant Fine Arts Center, the main campus building closest to the East Beltline. Parking is best on the east side of the East Beltline. Use the skywalk to cross over to the main campus. An elevator is located at the end of the skywalk.


Past Noontime Series

November 12,  Valerie van Heest, Armistice Day Blizzard

November 5,    George Heartwell, Days as Grand Rapids Mayor

Thursday, October 22, Jonathan Bradford, Home is Where We Start From

Thursday, September 24,  Herman Keizer,   Moral Injury after War

Thursday, September 10, Michigan's Prison System, by Daniel Heyns (fast forward 15 minutes to the actual lecture)

Thursday, April 23 - Grand Rapids Christian Gospel Choir with Nate Glasper (Assistant Conductor of Calvin College Gospel Choir)  

Thursday, April 9, The Garden as Artist Studio by Hank Ottens

Thursday, March 28- David Rahinsky  (Grand Rapids Police Dept.)  Our Community, Our Commitment – Advancing the Vision

Thursday, March 12- James Bratt  (Calvin History Dept.)  Abraham Kuyper: Passion and Politics

Thursday, Feb. 26-Oppression in the Promised Landby David Crump

Thursday, Feb. 12- Colossians Forum- Conflict as Opportunity? by Michael Gulker

Tuesday, November 11     The Early Music Concert

Thursday, October 30    Calvin Stories in the History of Holland, Michigan by Bob Swierenga

Thursday, October 16, China: Media Revolution, Ministry Opportunities by Kurt Selles

Thursday, October 2, Biomedical Research and Science Education at Van Andel Institute with Steve Triezenberg

Thursday, September 18   Made in the Mitten: Savoring Michigan’s Rich Foodie & Agricultural History , by Dianne Stampfler     

Thursday, September 4, 20140 Fatal Crossing presented by Valerie van Heest.

Thursday, April 3, 2014-Why the Church Needs to Talk About Evolution presented by Deborah Haarsma. We have been able to re-tape the lecture and provide the full length of the presentation.

Thursday, March 20, 2014- From Sea to Sea on a Bike:Why? presented by Carol Rienstra

Thursday, March 6, 2014- Christian Book Publishing in a Post-Literate, Digital Age presented by Dwight Baker

February 20,2014-Trapped By Endemic War: Syrian Refugees in Jordan presented by Bert De Vries

February 6, 2014- God at Work in Prison: From Angola to Ionia presented by John Rottman:

November 14, 2013-"Hymns that Time Forgot" presented by Greg Scheer

October 31, 2013-Michigan's Shameful Treatment of Prisoners presented by Doug Tjapkes

October 17, 2013 -Father Henri J.M. Nouwen: Friend, Guide, and Mentor presented by
Rabbi Albert Lewis

October 3, 2013-A Ram in the Thicket presented by Catherine Frerichs

September 19, 2013 -Cracks in the Wall presented by Marlin & Sally Vis

September 5, 2013-Learning from the Oppressed presented by Nicholas Wolterstorff