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The Fuzzy Logic Concept

    The way that people think is inherently fuzzy. The way that we perceive the world is continually changing and cannot always be defined in true or false statements. Take for example the set of all the apples and all the apple cores in the world. Now take one of those apples; it belongs to the set of all apples. Now take a bite out of that apple; it is still an apple right? If so, it still belongs to the set of apples. After several more bites have been taken and you are left with an apple core and it belongs to the set of apple cores. At what point did the apple cross over from being an apple to being an apple core? What if you could get one more bite out of that apple core, does that move it into a different set?                             


    The defenition of the apple and apple core sets are too strictly defined when looking at the process of eating an apple. The area between the two sets is not clearly defined since the object cannot belong to the set of apples and apple cores because, by definition, an apple core is NOT an apple. The sets defining apples and apple cores need to be redefined as fuzzy sets.

    A fuzzy set allows for its members to have degrees of membership. If the value of 1 is assigned to objects entirely within the set and a 0 is assigned to objects outside of the set, then any object partially in the set will have a value between 0 and 1. The number assigned to the object is called its degree of membership in the set. So an apple with one bite out of it may have a degree of membership of 0.9 in the set of apples. This does not mean that it has to have a degree of membership of 0.1 in the set of apple cores though. However as the apple is eaten it looses its membership in the fuzzy set of apples and gains membership in the fuzzy set of apple cores.

Fuzzy Logic