Student Profile: Ahram Cheon

Student Profile: Ahram Cheon


When Ahram was assigned to come up with a portable portfolio that could be useful for future job interviews, she started thinking about how to mesh her passions for photography and human resources.


For my project, I asked each model to pose with one of his or her favorite objects. I also asked the models to answer a couple questions and write them down on a piece of paper. I wanted to know what their major was to see if their favorite object had something to do with their major.


I want to get into human resources and I recently have been interested in getting to know my friends and others around me better. As I was thinking about this project, I realized that sometimes, I do not know my friends as much as I want to, even someone as close as my roommate.

I wanted the photos to be personal and unique. One way I did that was by having different backgrounds for every model, instead of having a boring white background (I first started with a white background but that idea was shot down by the constructive criticisms by my photography class). Another way I made it more personal to the model was by having the model’s own words and handwriting on the photo.


1. Confirmed that forced smiles always look awkward.

2. A major or area of studies does not fully describe what a person is like.


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