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CURRENT GIG: co-owns her own New York-based film production company, Bicephaly Pictures, which does cinematography for music videos, fashion videos and documentaries. 

CALVIN HIGHLIGHT: her short film, Product Placement, was featured at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival

HOW CALVIN MEDIA PRODUCTION PREPARED HER FOR HER CAREER: “It gave me a strong foundation and covered all aspects of filmmaking and, from there, helped me figure out what I specifically wanted to do.”



CURRENT GIG: editor for Coolfire Originals, working on projects for networks such as Discovery, Lifetime, Travel, Nickelodeon, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and others

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Won a Mid-America Emmy in 2011 for his work on a public service announcement for Gateway 180, a homeless shelter in St. Louis, Mo.

Shot and edited the pitch tape, or trailer, that launched Welcome to Sweetie Pies, a reality show about a popular soul-food restaurant in downtown St. Louis. The pitch tape made its way to Oprah Winfrey, who bought the show.


CURRENT GIG: working as a production coordinator on A&E’s show Intervention 


WHY SHE LOVED CALVIN’S MEDIA PRODUCTION PROGRAM: “I don’t know anywhere else in the world where the professors care so much about you.” 

Alumni Profile - Alexa Hook from Calvin College Media Production on Vimeo.



CURRENT GIG: working as a videographer and editor at Wycliffe Bible Translators, producing promotional videos

WHY MEDIA PRODUCTION AT CALVIN? “The staff and professors are great teachers and friends to the students.” 

FAVORITE CALVIN MEDIA PRODUCTION MEMORY: working on “ambitious, crazy” projects like the Rock Paper Scissors tournament and the award-winning Calvin LipDub. 



CURRENT GIG: PR/media manager at in New York City

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Interning for Comedy Central and Celebrity Café, where she had a column called Bad Movie Night

DREAM JOB: writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Alumni Profile - Rachel Kolb from Calvin College Media Production on Vimeo.



CURRENT GIG: Teck Resources in Vancouver, British Columbia where she manages the mining company’s video and other digital library items 

CALVIN HIGHLIGHT: produced the multiple-award-winning Calvin LipDub 


CURRENT GIG: working as an ad buyer for OMD International, managing Frito Lay’s advertising account

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: worked as an intern with the Detroit Lions after graduating from Calvin

ON MEDIA PRODUCTION AT CALVIN: “You go to Calvin College to gain a deep understanding of why you’re filming something in a certain way. And beyond just the film, to be able to build stories and learn the finer aspects of film is something you couldn’t get from a technical school.”

Alumni Profile - Tim Katt from Calvin College Media Production on Vimeo.



CURRENT GIG: Working at FIAT USA in advertising and social media marketing. Assisted in managing film shoots in LA and Mexico for the FIAT music video, Get Ready, and manages FIAT Source, the brand’s iPad app. 

HOW CALVIN MEDIA PRODUCTION PREPARED HIM FOR HIS CAREER: “FIAT relies on me to make educated decisions based on my understanding of our target and overall market strategy. This attention to detail and functional understanding of what good advertising is has been one of the most beneficial things Calvin media production equipped me with.” 


CURRENT GIG: living in Ecuador, pursuing her dream to make documentary films

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Working for Simplebulldog Studio writing, directing and editing short films to be used in ministry around the world. Last year Debbie worked in Egypt, Central Asia, Armenia, Kenya and Australia working on films and leading film training schools.

WHY SHE LOVED MEDIA PRODUCTION AT CALVIN: “We were immersed in all areas of pre-production, production and post-production. In the real world, we’re asked to work on any of these areas, so it’s good to get exposure to them.”

associate professor of communication arts and sciences


CREDENTIALS: MFA, drama (film and video production), University of North Carollina
EXPERIENCE: 20 years of teaching, seven years in Calvin’s media production department

MAJOR AWARDS: won an Emmy for his film Falloff, produced the award-winning The Hope of the Quechua, and A Shared Space, both with Calvin student crews.

Professor Brian Fuller is known for challenging his students to produce high-quality work while also teaching the importance of virtue in media production.

“At Calvin we very specifically connect what we do behind the camera with the kind of people we want to be. I’m looking for an intersection here between a camera angle and ... loving my neighbor. Now I’m seeing virtue woven among skill and knowledge.”

In the classroom and outside of it, Professor Fuller teaches the value of teamwork as a critical element in the filmmaking industry. He hires juniors and seniors as media production aides whose job is to help out first- and second-year students.

He encourages the same aides to post requests for project assistance on a common bulletin board, giving freshmen and sophmores the opportunity to step up and expand their project reel for furture employers. 

In such a collaborative environment, developing community among media production majors isn’t difficult—but adding food to the mix also helps.

“The model in scripture is ... ‘we have a difficult task to do; let’s eat.’ It may be Chinese food and a Kung Fu movie at my house, or it’s cooking breakfast for dinner or a Tex-Mex pot luck.”

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