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Office 365: Email & Calendar


CIT supports Microsoft Outlook 2013 (PC), Outlook 2011 (Mac), and the Outlook Web App (OWA) for faculty and staff as our email, calendaring, task management, and contact management system.


How do I get an account?

When you begin working for Calvin, your supervisor can request an email account for you. If you have questions about your email account, please e-mail the CIT HelpDesk or call x6-8555.

Email Training and Documentation

Faculty & Staff Email FAQs


Can I change my e-mail address?

You have been assigned an e-mail address that corresponds with your unique Calvin username. Your username cannot be changed unless you have gone through a legal name change (contact Human Resources and the HelpDesk if this is the case). You have also been assigned one default e-mail alias (ex. You can also select a third email alias.


How do I change my email password?

Your email passphrase is the same as your Calvin passphrase (the same thing you use to login to the computer, access Novell servers, print, etc). Before you change your passphrase, you might want to read about the requirements and get some advice about what makes a passphrase strong.

You can also change the password for a generic email mailbox (such as a department email addres). this only works for full mailboxes, not "shared" mailboxes.


What is the quota?

The quota for your mailbox is 25GB and the quota for the Online Archive (accessible via the PC Outlook client and OWA) is an additional 100GB.

I'm getting a lot of spam. What can I do?

If you receive a lot of spam and want to further control it, you might be interested in the Barracuda Spam Firewall, provided by Calvin. The spam firewall gives you the control to quarantine and block spam beyond what Calvin is automatically filtering. Also please read this page on spam to learn more about how to prevent being "phished".


How can I login to email from anywhere?

OWAThe easiest way to access your email is through "OWA" (Outlook Web App). This is an online interface for your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. It is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. Open a web browser and go to Login with your Calvin username and passphrase. If you need to access another account (generic or department account), click the drop-down arrow next to your name in the top right corner and choose "Open another mailbox..."