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Software: Windows 7

During summer 2010, all new Windows computers will have Windows 7 installed on them. Here are some resources to learn about Windows 7.


Windows 7 FAQ

Learn about Windows 7

CIT is busy making plans for this summer and one of the projects we are working on is the deployment of Windows 7.

After running with Windows XP since 2002 and skipping Windows Vista we are finally making plans to upgrade to the newest Windows operating system. Reports of Windows 7 are very positive and we are anticipating a relatively smooth transition.

Windows 7 will be deployed on new PCs and on re-imaged PCs this summer. This means that we are planning to have Windows 7 installed in all PC computer labs and classrooms and Smart Classrooms by the beginning of the fall semester.

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 (x64) will be deployed (we deploy 32-bit Windows XP currently). Windows 7 x64 has a number of advantages, including better memory management and the ability to handle more system RAM. However, there may be some compatibility issues with some older software and hardware components. CIT is actively testing for compatibility and working with other departments on campus to help them run tests in their area.

There will be some choices to make with incompatible applications and hardware. These options will include an upgrade to something newer, replacement with a comparable product, and discontinuation of use. Another option will be to continue using Windows XP as needed to maintain compatibility with required applications and hardware. CIT will continue to fully support Windows XP in 2010-2011 for the purpose of compatibility.

What Can You Do to Help?
There may be compatibility issues with some older software and hardware components. You can help by taking a look at any software that is special to your classrooms and labs or any other non-standard software you use and help us to determine if it is Windows 7 compatible. You can do this a number of ways. Microsoft has a web page for checking application compatibility ( and often vendors will list compatibility information on their web site. You may also participate in on-line listservs where you find out if other people who use this same software have tried it in Windows 7.

If you have a particular application or old hardware device that you are concerned about please contact me and we can take a look at it. If you have a large number of applications that you would like to test please talk to me about setting up a Windows 7 machine to test these.

If you have questions or concerns about Windows 7 or other technology issues in your area this summer please let me know.

Rick DeVries