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Calvin Information Technology

The mission of Calvin Information Technology (CIT) is to promote and support information technologies which are appropriate to the academic and administrative needs of the college and which support all members of the Calvin community. CIT manages the voice, data, and cable TV networks which facilitate communications on and beyond the campus. CIT provides assistance, education, consulting and troubleshooting services for faculty, staff and students of Calvin College regarding the use of computing hardware, software, and peripherals in offices, classroom, laboratories, and residence halls. A division of CIT is devoted to collaborating with faculty in the use and adoption of new information technologies in instruction. CIT also manages the central administrative databases, information systems, and computer hardware which support the business systems of the college.

In addition to providing information technology services, CIT coordinates the provisioning of hardware, software, and other technology-based services for the entire college in order to assure integration of computing resources, coordination of service delivery, and stewardly investment of institutional resources.
Core Values
CIT Teams

Core Values

  • Service Orientation
  • Operational Responsibility
  • Security & Stability
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Facilitating Mission
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Thought Leadership
  • Integrity & Character
  • A Thriving Staff Environment

Key Sub-Units (Teams)

Business Services Team
The Business Services team provides budgeting, purchasing, licensing, asset management, and project management for Calvin Information Technology.

Information Systems Team
CIT partners with administrative departments throughout the college to streamline and maintain business and administrative operations. CIT strives to balance operational requirements with appropriate and secure access across a broad set of technologies.

Infrastructure Services Team
The Infrastructure Services Team installs, operates, and maintains the hardware and software that comprise the three core technology service networks – data, voice, and cable TV – throughout the campus. 

Instructional Resource & Service Logistics
The Instructional Resource & Service Logistics team provides audio/visual, digital media, video production, graphics, mail, printing and technical event services to the campus.

Service Desk
Faculty and staff members are provided a wide range of opportunities to use technology for personal productivity as well as teaching and communication in their classrooms and offices. The Service Desk deploys hardware and software to the campus and provides troubleshooting and support through the HelpDesk.

Teaching & Learning Support Team
The Teaching & Learning team collaborates with Calvin's faculty to incorporate new ways of using technology in teaching, research and learning. T&L supports faculty incorporation of technology into their classroom pedagogy via the Digital Studio, the instructional technology sandbox and also supports the moodle learning management system.

Overview of Organizational Structure

Brian Paige, Director of Information Technology
Rick DeVries, Associate Director for Business Services
Matt Jeltema, Associate Director for Information Services
Rob Bobeldyk, Associate Director for Teaching and Learning
Bill Vriesema, Associate Director of Technology Support Services
Randal Nieuwsma, Associate Director of Instructional Resource & Service Logistics


  • CIT - Calvin Information Technology (the Department)
  • IT - Information Technology
  • ITC - Information Technology Center Computer Lab (first floor of Hekmen Library)
  • DS - Digital Studio