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Religion and the Renewal of Civic Life
Wilson Carey McWilliams, Rutgers University

Paul Henry: A Model for Integrating Christian Faith and Politics
Doug Koopman, Calvin College
Gary Visscher


What Does the Lord Require? The Grounds for Christian Civility in Politics
Corwin Smidt
April 26, 2013
[livestream of lecture]

The Life and Service of Paul B. Henry
Beth Bandstra Decker
March 28, 2012

Fostering Religious Freedom in China
Kevin R. den Dulk
March 27, 2012

Who's Sanctioning Whom in the Federal Faith-Based Initiative?
Doug Koopman
October 26, 2011

No Final Victories, No Final Defeats: Doing Our Duty While Living in Exile
Michael Cromartie
April 14, 2009

Religious Tolerance: Love Your Neighbor
Dean Koldenhoven
March 31, 2008

Public Virtue, Republican Government,
and the Separation of Church and State
Michael McConnell
October 12, 2006

Forging a Faithful Consensus: The Future of Public-Private Partnerships Involving Community-Serving Religious Organizations
John DiIulio
October 25, 2005

Freeing God's Children: The Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights
Allen Hertzke
November 11, 2004

Reconstructing Post-War Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities
James Haveman
September 22, 2004

Real Challenges: Faith in the Public Arena
Tim Goeglein
Seventh Annual Henry Lecture: April 28, 2003
pictures and highlights

Faith and the Gospel: The new Political Theology of Engagement in Nigeria
Dr. Ogbu Kalu
February 24, 2003

Myths, Lies, and Soundbites: Reactions to President Bush's
Faith-Based Intiatives

Stephen V. Monsma
Sixth Annual Henry Lecture: April 29, 2002

Apostles of Common Grace
Inaugural Address and Charge
to the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics
J. Budziszewski
November 17, 1997

Henry Institute Newsletters:

Summer 2013, No. 14 2008 Newsletter contents


A Global Context for Christianity and Politics
Study Examines Religious Schools and Civic Participation
Henry Institute Research Fellows Actively Engaged
Annual Henry Lecture: What Does the Lord Require?
Symposium on Religion and Public LIfe
Visualizing Public Life
American Evangelicals Today: An Emerging New Generation?
Henry Institute Sponsors "2012 Election Conversations"
New Books Published by Smidt and Monsma
Student Internships in the Nation's Capital
Economic Growth, the Rule of Law, and the Image of God
Fifth Edition of
Religion and Politics in America to be Released
2012-2013 Henry Institute Lectures

Winter 2012, No. 13 2008 Newsletter contents


Transition in Leadership for the Henry Institute
Smidt Spends Semester at Roosevelt Study Center
Visualizing Public Life Project
Henry Institute Lecture: The Life and Service of Paul B. Henry
Calvin Students Spend Semester in Washington D.C.
Funding for Undergraduate Research Provided by Institute
Who's Sanctioning Whom in the Federal Faith-Based Initiative?
Institute to Hold Seventh Biennial Symposium on Religion and Politics
"Evangelical Protestants Today" Available in Spring
Institute Research Fellow Steve Monsma
Pruis Rule of Law Lecture: Fostering Religious Freedom in China
"Pluralism and Freedom: Faith-Based Organizations in a Democratic Society"

Summer 2011, No. 12 2008 Newsletter contents


The Role of Religion in Fostering and Sustaining Civic Engagement
Bradley Foundation Grants Awarded to Henry Institute
Rule of Law Endowment Established at Calvin College
Henry Institute Awards Three Undergraduate Research Grants
Henry Institute Lecture on American Grace
Fulbright Awarded to Henry institute Executive Director
Research Workshop of the Chinese Spirituality and Society Program
The Rule of Law in Russia: Problems and Perspectives
Calvin Students Complete Internships in Washington D.C.
Henry Institute Sponsors Sixth Symposium on Religion and Politics

Summer 2010, No. 11 2008 Newsletter contents


The Changing Role of Clergy in American Public Life
Reflections on the Life, Thought and Public Service of Paul Henry
Henry Institute Grants Undergraduate Research Awards
Tensions at the Crossroads of Religion and Politics
Workshop on Survey Research and American Religion Held at Calvin
Disappearing God Gap Volume Published
Smidt Nominated to be President-Elect of SSSR
Symposium on Religion and Politics Scheduled for Spring 2011
God and Race in American Politics
Remembering James Penning
Participation in Catholic-Evangelical Colloquium
Overseas Lectures by Institute Director
Calvin Students and Institute Director in Washington D.C.
God and Government

Summer 2009, No. 10 2008 Newsletter contents


The Disappearing 'God Gap' in American Politics
Fifth Religion and Politics Symposium Held
Upcoming Henry Institute Lectures
Oxford Handbook on Religion and American Politics Published

Graduate Workshop on Survey Research and American Religion
Semester in Washington D.C. Program
Undergraduate Research Fellow Grants Awarded
Henry Institute Conducts Third Clergy Study
Religious Tolerance --- Love Your Neighbor
The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America
Two Kingdoms: Why Political Action Cannot Save America
No Final Victories, No Final Defeats: Doing Our Duty While Living in Exile
Preview of Fall Activities of Henry Institute Director
Post Doctoral Teaching Fellowships in Poland

Summer 2008, No. 9 2008 Newsletter contents


Religious Voters in the 2008 Election
Religion and the Civic Engagement of Americans
Henry Institute Symposium on Religion and Politics
Upcoming Henry Institute Lectures

Workshop on Survey Research and American Religion
Spring Internships in Washington D.C.
Henry Institute Grants Funding for Student Fellows
An Interview with Judge Michael McConnell
New Books Published
Evaluation of DOL Grant to Serve At-risk Youth
Forgiveness in International Politics
The Church in Russia Today
The Christian Church and African American Civic Engagement
The AIDS Pandemic, Poverty, and Sub-Saharan African Churches

Fall 2005, No. 8


Henry Institute to Study Religion and Civic Responsibility
The Impact of the American Faith-Based Movement on Foreign Policy

Third Biennial Pollsters and Parishioners Workshop
Participation in Voluntary Associations: A Cross-National Perspective
Cooperative Clergy Study Project Culminates with "Pulpit and Politics"
Monsma Named Henry Institute's First Research Fellow
Upcoming Tenth Annual Paul Henry Lecture

Scholarly Presentations and Discussions

December 2003, No. 7


Clash of Civilizations? Religion and Attitudes towards Islam and an Invasion of Iraq
Clergy in American Public Life
: A Cooperative Research Project
Symposium on Religion and Politics: Call for Papers
Pollsters and Parishioners Workshop Examines Survey Research and Religion
Faith and the Public Arena

Scholarly Presentations and Discussions

Winter 2003, No. 6


How Firm a Foundation? The Christian Right, the Republican Party, and the South
Cooperative Research Project on Clergy in American Public Life

Myths, Lies, and Soundbites
Pollsters and Parishioners
First Biennial Religion and Politics Symposium
Scholarly Presentations and Discussions

Fall 2001, No. 5


Cooperative Clergy Study Project
Marching to Different Times? Religious Groups and the 2000 Election
Graduate Student Workshop
Institute Publishes Paul Henry Book
Symposium on Religion and Politics
New Edited Volume on American Politics

Fall 2000, No. 4


Washington D.C. Semester
Faith-based Delivery of Social Services
Student Research Assistants
Volume on Religion and American Politics
Pollsters and Parishioners
Fall Events

Winter 2000, No. 3


Christians in Political Science
Washington, D.C. Semester
Coats Delivers 3rd Annual Henry Lecture
CCCU Workshop
Project Zero Report
Pieter Meiring Speaks
Institute Notes

Spring 1999, No. 2


Clark E. Cochran on the Crisis of Institutions
Report on Future Issues in Aging Conference
Religion and the American Family Debate
Faculty Notes
Second National Conference of Christians in Political Science

Fall 1998, No. 1


Henry Institute Completes First Year
Conference on Religion, Social Capital, and Democratic Life

Senator Paul Simon Delivers Annual Henry Lecture
Excerpts . . . Inaugural Scholarly Lecture by J. Budziszewski
Roger Finke on the Future of American Religion
Faculty Notes
Upcoming Events
Data Archive on Religion and Public Life Inaugurated

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