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If you're interested in a group setting mentoring experience, here are a number of opportunities for Spring 2013.

Women's Honest Conversation Discussion Group
Discussion about what it means to be a woman, and how our families, faith, culture and media have shaped our ideas of femininity.

-Wed. 12:30pm, led by Mentoring Coordinator Lisa Jousma and Sexuality Series Coordinator Julia Smith, email to sign up.

-Fri. at 10:30am led by Laura Rodeheaver, RD of KvH, email to sign up

Men's Discussion Groups: What does it mean to be a man in today's culture?
Honest talk about how our families, faith, culture, and media have shaped our ideas about being men

-Wed 12:30pm, led by Associate Chaplain Aaron Winkle -email to sign up
-Wed 12:30pm, led by Broene Counselor Rick Baez -email to sign up

Book Discussion on Incarnate Leadership: Five Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus
Join emeritus chaplain Dale Cooper in discussing Bill Robinson’s Incarnate Leadership: Five Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus.  This book is brief, witty, and chock full of good stories.  It’s also compelling:  it presents Jesus as one in whom God put on full display those same leadership qualities he aims to bring out in leaders today, too. During our five conversations, each an hour-long, we’ll examine what our own President LeRoy's mentor says about what makes a fine Christian leader.

The first group will take place on Mondays at 2:30pm, beginning Feb. 4.
-Visit to sign up.
The second group will take place on Thursdays at 1:30pm, beginning Feb. 7.
-Visit to sign up.

How to Make a Disciple, a Study for Young Men
Led by Prof. David Fuentes, this group will delve into and apply what it means to carry out Jesus' charge to go and make disciples. Will run Thursdays from 9:15-10:45pm starting Jan. 31. Click here for a full description of this opportunity.

Fellowship Group for female Korean Students
Led by Linda Bosch, topics will vary depending on the interests of the group, will meet weekly for six weeks at the time that works best for those who sign up, likely late afternoon.  Email to sign up.

Sexual Wholeness and Healing (for female students)
Led by Aminah Bradford, Co-Associate Chaplain for Residence Life.
To be held Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm, email for more information.

Do you have body image concerns? You are not alone!
There is a new discussion group starting that aims to provide a safe place for students to share their day-to-day struggles with body image, to learn useful information, and to encourage one another in developing a more positive self-perception. Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 pm. Starting Feb. 6. HH 334. Sponsored by the Broene Counseling Center. Questions? Contact student Kristen Hoogstra ( or Broene counselor Amanda Worst ( for more information. Or just show up!