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Calvin dining service's is committed to providing healthy, nutritious food. We model our menus on the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid, and emphasize lean proteins, fresh vegetables, beans and whole grains, and healthy fats.

In addition, Laura Cochrun, a registered dietitian, is available Fridays in Health Services to answer your questions and help you plan healthy diets. You can arrange individual diet counseling appointments with Laura for things such as; healthy eating, food allergies, special diets, weight loss or gain, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

Laura Cochrun RD, Corporate Dietitian

Laura is the newest addition to Creative Dining's dietitian personnel and brings a multitude of experience in counseling clients of all ages.

In her role at Creative Dining Services she is responsible for student nutrition counseling, sanitation audits, long-term care coverage, recipe analysis and development and ServSafe instruction.

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