CalvinLink Privacy Statement

Resumes and profile data will reside on the NACElink Network servers. Students and alumni may have data included in aggregate reports to state agencies, reports developed for internal institutional studies, etc. Students who post their resume(s) and/or cover letter(s) agree to allow career development to distribute these documents to prospective employers who request our assistance.

Jobs that are posted in this system are not screened by Calvin College or by NACE, so job seekers are required to use appropriate caution. We will not sell personal information of students, alumni, employers or anyone else.

The career development Web site contains links to external websites. Calvin College is not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of those sites not housed on Calvin servers.

Calvin College Personal Information Privacy Policy

Student Policy: Calvin College offers job postings as a convenience to job seekers. We do not screen all postings for legitimacy or safety. Job seekers must use their judgment when applying, interviewing, and accepting positions. If you believe that a job posted at Calvin is inappropriate or unsafe, inform us immediately via an e-mail to Additionally, we expect Calvin College students and alumni to perform jobs obtained through our system to the best of their ability.

Employer Policy: Employers who use this system agree to provide a safe and appropriate work environment for students and alumni and agree to follow all applicable laws. Employers recognize that if a job seeker raises concerns about a job posted on this site, the employer’s job and/or account may be deleted.