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Expanded Statement of Mission - Conclusion

To approve a statement of mission, to envision new directions and commitments, is to affirm the rich spiritual, cultural, and educational tradition of Calvin College . The college was born of a noble vision: to shape hearts and minds for Christian living and to send out agents of redemptive transformation in God's kingdom. The enacting of that vision has, moreover, ennobled those who have participated in it. This new mission statement recognizes the value of the college's past, affirms its moorings, and applauds all our forebears who have selflessly and often sacrificially dedicated their talents and gifts to the enactment of that vision.

Even when dissension has entered, the people of this college have not lost sight of that vision. In times of disappointment or retrenchment, they have dedicated themselves anew to kingdom service. In times of development and growth, they have given joyful thanks to the God who rules all our ways and works, and to whom we dedicate our service. Throughout all such transitions, the people of this college have been blessed by an understanding that all our work is secondary to, but redeemed by, the eternal love of Christ, in whose community we are but servants, and by whose headship we are willingly guided.

On the basis of this heartfelt affirmation, this mission statement nonetheless presents an uncompromising challenge. We cannot rest upon the legacy of the past. We find there, instead, a place to stand, and a place from which to initiate new ventures and new partnerships. The spirit of this mission statement, then, is to employ such new partnerships and ventures in avenues of continued kingdom service.

We at Calvin commit ourselves to doing even better those things that we are already doing well. We seek a more vital educational program, one that meets in our studies the challenges of understanding and addressing the pressing needs of our time. We seek truly outstanding art and scholarship, in which Calvin College becomes a directing leader in forming and engaging the Christian mind. We seek partnerships in community that are more than mere relationships, but become means to transform society itself, to let justice roll down like rivers, to make amends for sin and wrongdoing, to further, in all instances, the kingdom of God until Christ returns.

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