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Office of the Provost - About Us

About the Provost

Cheryl Brandsen, ProvostDr. Cheryl Brandsen is the provost of Calvin College, a position she assumed in 2014. Provost Brandsen has served in various roles at her alma mater since 1989. She serves as the chief academic officer for the college and sits on the President’s cabinet. Since 2008, she’s worked alongside Provost Claudia Beversluis in her former role as academic dean. Provost Brandsen served six years as a department chair for the sociology and social work department (2002–2008), has 25 years of experience in the classroom teaching sociology and social work courses, and served on many committees during her tenure.

Academic Affairs Division

Cheryl Brandsen, Ph.D. (Michigan State), professor of sociology

academic deans

academic dean for the division of arts, languages, and education
Mark F. Williams, Ph.D. (Illinois), professor of classical languages
academic dean for the division of natural sciences and mathematics
Stanley L. Haan, Ph.D. (Colorado), professor of physics
academic dean for the division of social sciences and contextual disciplines
Dean Ward, Ph.D. (Virginia), professor of English
dean for multicultural affairs
Michelle R. Loyd-Paige, Ph.D. (Purdue), professor of sociology
dean for institutional effectiveness
Michael J. Stob, Ph.D. (Chicago), professor of mathematics
dean for research and scholarship
Matthew S. Walhout, Ph.D. (Maryland), professor of physics
registrar and director of academic services
Thomas L. Steenwyk, M.A. (Michigan State)

calvin college organizational charts

academic affairs division