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Faculty Senate

Senate Roster, 2015–2016

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/16
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/17
Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/18

Ex officio Members

Michael Le Roy, President
Cheryl Brandsen, Provost
Stan Haan, Academic Dean
Elizabeth Vander Lei, Academic Dean


Chair: Michael Le Roy
Vice Chair: Jennifer Holberg
Secretary: Otto Selles
Parliamentarian: Robert Keeley

Note: Departments and divisions are assigned to staggered three-year election cycles. Senators normally serve the duration of the cycle, but some may serve only one or two years.

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/16

Department Representatives This Year

Kathi Groenendyk (CAS)
Kumar Sinniah (Chemistry)
Jeff Winkle (Classics; fall)
David Noe (Classics; spring)
Al Boerema (Education; fall)
Jennifer Williams (English)
Ken Bergwerff (GEO)
Kate van Liere (History)
Mikael Pelz (Political Science; fall)
Doug Koopman (Political Science; spring)

Division Representatives

Anna Greidanus (ALE)
Lissa Schwander (SSCD)
Julie Yonker (NSM)

Administrators with Faculty Status

Paul Fields (spring)
Glenn Remelts (fall)

At-Large Faculty

Scott Lamanna
Scott Vander Linde

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/17

Department Representatives This Year

Wayne Wentzheimer (Engineering)
Corey Roberts (German; fall)
Kaori Schau (German; spring)
Jerry Bergsma (Kinesiology)
Mary Flikkema (Nursing)
James K. A. Smith (Philosophy)
Paul Harper (Physics and Astronomy)
Blake Riek (Psychology; fall)
Laura DeHaan (Psychology; spring)
Jonathan Hill (Sociology and Social Work)
Peggy Goetz (SPAUD)

Division Representatives

Bob Keeley (ALE)
Jennifer Van Antwerp (NSM)

At-Large Faculty

Tracy Kuperus (fall)
Serita Nelesen (spring)
Tom Steenwyk

Vice Chair

Jennifer Holberg

Department/Division Term Ending 8/31/18

Department Representatives This Year

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art and Art History)
David Dornbos (Biology)
Peter Snyder (Business)
Pat Bailey (Computer Science)
Adel Abadeer (Economics)
Otto Selles (French)
Michael Bolt (Mathematics and Statistics)
Tim Steele (Music)
Ken Pomykala (Religion)
Alisa Tigchelaar (Spanish)

Division Representatives

Becky Haney (SSCD)

Administrators with Faculty Status

Neil Carlson

At-Large Faculty

Joe Kuilema
Dwight TenHuisen

Student Senate Representatives

Benedicta Arthur
Hallie Litt
Abouma Nwadike


Senate agenda and minutes are not posted online. They are available on the college's secure network drives at

Read the faculty handbook


SSCD = Social Sciences and Contextual Disciplines

ALE = Arts, Languages, and Education

NSM = Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Note: Term lengths are associated with departments and divisions, not with individual senators.