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Spring Funding Opportunities

The CCCS is pleased to announce funding for its Small Grants and Working Group programs. Whether you have an idea that recently has been percolating or a project that has engaged your energy for some time, you are encouraged to apply for one of the following grants:

Small Grants

Initial Projects must be cross-disciplinary and involve at least two faculty members.

Continuing Projects may come from an individual or from a group.

Concluding Projects may come from an individual or a group and must include verification of an imminent publication date.

Working Groups

Working Groups are composed of 8-15 participants, from a variety of academic disciplines or professional fields, who meet monthly to discuss common readings and explore from interdisciplinary perspectives a particular issue, problem, or topic.

More information about spring funding opportunities.

New CCCS Publication

Christian Higher Education

Edited by Joel Carpenter, Perry L. Glanzer, and Nicholas S. Lantinga

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Christian Higher Education Online

Puzzled over the challenges and opportunities of online education? Tired of the MOOC hype? Read a thoughtful report on Christian Higher Education Online (CHEO) written by Kara Sevensma (Education) and Marj Terpstra (Education), leaders of a year-long Calvin working group sponsored by the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship.

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