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Digital CATV & Channel Guide

Digital Channels on Calvin Cable TV

During the summer of 2013, Calvin converted the cable TV system to an all-digital service. Besides providing programming with higher-quality, digital video, it means that you need a digital tuner to watch it.

How can I see the digital channels?

First, a little explanation of the different kinds of channel tuners:
    -ATSC tuners receive only the digital channels which tv stations now transmit through the air, but not the digital channels transmitted by cable tv systems.
    -QAM tuners receive only the digital channels which are on cable tv systems. They are often called clear QAM or unscrambled digital channels or free digital channels or cable-ready.
    -NTSC tuners receive only the analog channels which tv stations no longer transmit through the air and the analog channels which are still on cable tv systems. NTSC was used since the 1950's, but is no longer used in the US.

Because it has an NTSC (analog) tuner, an "old" tv will no longer display channels on Calvin's cable tv system.

You have several options:

1.      Get a tv which has a QAM tuner, such as a new, flat screen tv.
Connect Calvin Cable to the tv and select its auto-scan or auto-program feature. It will scan and recognize all the digital channels.

2.      Keep your old tv and add an external device which has a QAM tuner, such as a VHS/DVD combination player/recorder or a DVD/DVR (Digital Video Recorder, like TIVO).
A similar option is to get a separate device which only has a tuner. This device can work well, but is not very popular because of its limited features compared to its cost.
Connect Calvin Cable to it, and connect it to any tv. Then select its auto-scan or auto-program feature. It will scan and recognize the digital channels AND the analog channels, so you can view them.

3. Get a QAM tuner adapter for your computer. They are usually USB devices.
Connect Calvin Cable to it, install the software, and scan the channels. Then you can view the channels on your computer.


Calvin College CATV Channel Guide

2        <analog channel, duplicate of Ch. 5.1. Used for signal testing.>
3        <analog channel, digital system info>

The following channels are digital:
5.1     Channel Guide & Overflow Viewing
5.11   Calvin College Food Service
7.1     CBS / WWMT3 - HD
7.2     CW-West Michigan
7.3     Comet
7.11   NBC / WOOD 8
7.12   Bounce-WXSP / MNT-MyNetworkTv
7.13   RADAR
8.1     ABC / WZZM 13
8.2     WX
8.11   Fox17/WXMI
8.12   ANTENNA
8.13   This-TV
9.1     WGVU-11 HD, PBS
9.2     WGVU SD, Create
9.3     WGVU SD2, World
9.4     WGVU SD3
9.11   WOTV8 - ABC
9.12   RADAR
10.1   ION - WZPX
10.2   qubo - WZPX
10.3   IONLife - WZPX
10.4   Shop TV - WZPX
10.5   QVC
10.11 MyFamily TV - WLLA DT
10.12 Me TV - WLLA D2
10.13 retro - WLLA D3
11.1   TCT - WTLJ SD
11.2   TCT Family - WTLJ HD
11.3   TCT Family - WTLJ D2
11.4   La Fuente - WTLJ SD3
11.11  Calvin College food Service
17.1   Van Noord Arena
20.1   CNN Headline News
20.2   MSNBC
20.3   FNC - Fox News Channel
20.4   HLN - Headline News
21.1   BTV Bloomberg Television
21.2   CNBC World
21.3   CNBC RT
22.1   TWC - The Weather Channel
22.2   C-SPAN House of Representatives
22.3   C-SPAN Senate
23.1   Investigation Discovery
23.2   Discovery
24.1   National Geographic
24.2   HGTV Home and Garden
25.1   Animal Planet
25.2   Travel Channel
25.3   History Channel
25.4   BTN (Big Ten Network)
26.1   TVGN Channel Guide Network
26.2   Food Network
28.1   A&E Arts & Entertainment
28.2   ABC Family
30.1   BBC
30.2   Hallmark Channel
30.3   SyFy
31.1   AMC
31.2   TBS Turner
31.3   TNT Turner
32.1   USA
32.2   CMT
33.1   Lifetime
33.2   Lifetime Movie Network
34.1   FX
34.2   TCM Turner Movie Classics
35.1   TV Land
36.1   Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite
36.2   Cartoon Network
37.1   Disney Channel
37.2   Disney Junior Channel
37.3   Disney XD
38.1   ESPN
38.2   ESPN2
38.3   ESPNU
38.4   ESPN News
40.1   NASA HD Public
40.2   NASA SD Education
40.11  TBN HD
40.12  Juce TV
40.13  The Church Channel
40.14  Smile of a Child
41.1   TV5 Monde French
42.1   BVN Dutch
42.2   CNN En Espanol
42.3   DWTV German
42.4   Euronews
43.1   Cozy
43.2   CNC
44.1   Reelz HD

105 <Analog channel for testing>