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Calvin: Recommend it.

Tell your story

Help a student choose Calvin. Let us know who you're talking to and we'll connect with them.
encourage a student to come to calvin

Talk to:

  • relatives
  • friends from church
  • co-workers

What to say:

Talk about your experience at Calvin and why it's worth sharing!

  • why did you come to Calvin?
  • why did you stay?
  • what do you love about Calvin?
  • how has your time at Calvin helped you outside of (or beyond) school?
  • how has it helped your career?
  • why might it be a good fit for the student you're encouraging?

Encourage students to:

"My senior year I wrote a paper about mix tapes (and made a tape for the prof to listen to while grading). I mentioned in the paper that no one had ever made me a mix tape before—the next semester she handed me a tape titled 'Everyone Deserves a Mix Tape'. I still listen to it!"

"I found my first semester Chemistry course at Calvin really tough. I considered dropping it, but my professor told me I could come to him any time I needed help. I ended up at his office almost every week, and he always patiently worked with me until I understood the material."

"While a student at Calvin I totaled my car in an accident. The guy I had been trying to avoid hitting pulled over—it turned out he was a Calvin alum! He made sure I was okay and waited with me until the police got there. I was really grateful for that."