PER-101   Jogging and Road Racing

A course in this area is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and activity requirements to maintain active lives. This course is to be used as a gateway course before students complete their two additional requirements, one from leisure and lifetime activities and one from sport, dance and society core categories. (Students take one course from the personal fitness series then one course each from the leisure and lifetime series and from the sport, dance and society series.) The emphasis in each course is on fitness development and maintenance. Students are expected to train 3 times per week ? 2 times in class and 1 time outside of class. All courses involve the participation in conditioning activities, lectures, discussions, papers, and tests. Elementary education students take Physical Education 222 for their personal fitness course. Conceptual topics related to wellness included in all personal fitness courses are these: (1) principles for the development of an active lifestyle, (2) issues in nutrition, and (3) body image.