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Students in a crime scene investigation course

Welcome to Sociology at Calvin

Who's in your circle?

StudentsEver wonder why some people are in your circle and others are not? Where do you live? Do you ever think about why some people live in the suburbs, others in the country and still others in the city?

Consider these and many other questions when you study sociology at Calvin. What is sociology? Find out.

Learn more about majors and minors in sociology, search for sociology scholarships and learn about research and internship opportunities that can give you helpful practical experience in the work place.

You can also find out what kind of jobs are available to those with a career in sociology, and discover what some of our recent graduates are doing.

News and Events

Dr. Roman Williams' Book

Dr. Williams recently published Seeing Religion: Toward a Visual Sociology of Religion (May 2015, Routledge). More information is available here.

Dr. Mark Mulder's Interview

Dr. Mulder was interviewed recently about his new book, Shades of White Flight: Evangelical Congregrations and Urban Departure. Listen here.

Dr. Todd Vanden Berg's latest article

Dr. Todd Vanden Berg has published an article entitled, "An Inquiry Into Jamaican Perspectives on Tourism" in Tourism, Culture & Communication.

Dr. Mark Mulder's book released

Dr. Mark Mulder's book, Shades of White Flight: Evangelical Congregations and Urban Departure, has been released by Rutgers University Press.

Dr. Jonathan Hill publishes article in Christianity Today

Dr. Jonathan Hill has published an article in Christinaity Today entitled "Rethinking the Origins Debate."

Dr. Mark Mulder receives grant

Dr. Mark Mulder & Dr. Gerardo Marti (Davidson College) have received a grant from the Lilly Endowment to study Latino Protestants in the United States. See the project website for more information.

Dr. Jonathan Hill's new book

Dr. Jonathan Hill has written a book with Christian Smith, Kyle Longest & Kari Christofferson. Details may be found here.