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Research: Techniques and Tools

We will now examine the details of the research process. Having read about the what, why, and where of research, you will now learn about the how of research.

  • How do I create a thesis statement?
  • How do I find information about my topic?
  • How do I search a database?

When you understand the principles of databases, gathering information for your research will become much easier. Note that the "classical model" of doing research presented in this section is most suited to the humanities and social sciences. While the general points outlined here will be useful for any research paper, it might be necessary to modify them for other subject areas.

Pace Yourself

An important point to remember about the research process is that the most effective course of action with a large assignment is to break it down into manageable parts. Above all else, get an early start. This will give you more time for getting each sub-task right.

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