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Shaping Our Future by Understanding Our Past

Medieval studies

The interdisciplinary minor in medieval studies aims to inspire you to both appreciate and to examine critically the medieval roots of modern culture. This minor may be taken in conjunction with any major, but it will be especially useful for students of those fields that touch on the study of the Middle Ages, such as:

In addition, the medieval studies minor may be useful preparation if you are considering graduate school in any of these fields.

The group minor in medieval studies is administered by an interdepartmental committee. Members of the committee are Frans van Liere (history), Karen Saupe (English), Henry Luttikhuizen (art), Tim Steele (music), and Mark Williams (classics). If you are interested, consult a member of the medieval studies minor committee for advising on course selections.

Hands-on history

The medieval studies minor offers a number of opportunities for you to study in medieval locations, either for a semester or for an interim.

Courses in the program also often include field trips and other ways to learn about and experience the Middle Ages with all of your senses.

IDIS 206 History of the Book

This course, the capstone for the medieval studies minor, is being offered this Interim and gives students the opportunity for hands-on learning about the middle ages. Students in the course will visit important medieval manuscript collections and try their hand at making a book using medieval methods. Find out more.

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