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About Us

Cross into a fascinating culture

Castle gateModern Germany is an enormously interesting country. It has lived under five different governments - the imperial monarchy, the Weimar Republic, the totalitarian Hitler Regime, the totalitarian Socialist Regime of the GDR, and the parliamentary democracy of the Federal Republic. Although no longer divided by the infamous Wall, Germany remains a country of fast-pace change, diversity, and contradiction. Germany has been gifted with world- famous musicians, writers, philosophers, and theologians; however, it also has produced the Holocaust.

Because of its unique history, the study of German language, literature, and culture is particularly fascinating and rewarding. We invite you to explore with us both Germany's past and present. We offer the study of German within the context of a broad liberal arts education presented from a Christian perspective.

Be sure to meet our faculty, peruse our courses, and investigate all the opportunities that Calvin College's German Department has to offer.

What Can I do With German? What Careers Can I Pursue?
The German major and minor programs both train you to become a German specialist and provide you with a solid and rich foundation for a variety of professions. In the past two decades German majors and minors graduating from Calvin College have been successful in many different fields, including:

  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education
  • College education
  • Educational specialist in an American Goetheinstitut
  • International business
    (Germany is the largest foreign employer in the USA)
  • International banking
  • Christian ministry
  • Art History
  • Musical performance
  • United States foreign service
  • United States Custom Service
  • Journalism
  • Missions
  • Third-world development
  • Publishing
  • Travel

Fun Fact
According to the 2010 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, the following German cities are in the top 25 of highest ranked cities in terms of quality of living: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Nurnburg.