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Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies at Calvin

A diverse department

The Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies Department at Calvin College offers more than just a great learning experience - it guarantees students rich interaction with active professors, deep involvement in various department projects, and opportunities to just have fun with others who wish to learn and apply their knowledge to better God's earth, in both the natural and social sciences.

Faculty with experience

From a petrologist working in Alaska to a professor of geography from Ethiopia, the geology, geography and environmental studies department at Calvin hosts a wide array of faculty with experience in the fields of geomorphology, historical geology, and environmental science.


Traveling abroad

The department has a special emphasis on taking the learning experience beyond the bounds of the classroom. From field trips all around the state to interims in Hawaii, Kenya, and New Zealand, the geology, geography and environmental studies department at Calvin values making the learning process more than just a reading or lecture.

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Learn more

News and events »

  • Check out the upcoming seminars, which for the next few weeks will be given by candidates for the open Geology Professor position!
  • It's that time of year again: scholarship season. Apply for GEO department scholarships by March 1 through Calvin Portal, under Scholarships and Financial Aid.
  • Need to take a Natural World Core class, but don't know what? Take a GEO course!
  • Dr. Clarence Menninga, Professor Emeritus of Geology, is preparing his research on the Allende meteorite for publication.

Department news