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Service Grant Program


A program called CALL Service Grants was approved by the CALL board in April 2003. The purpose of the grants is to encourage CALL members to use their talents in service to the kingdom of God and the community, and to allow CALL to be a supporting partner in these service projects. CALL budgets up to $2,000 per fiscal year which allows for approximately 10 grants of $200 each, or 20 grants of $100 each.
CALL Service grants are available to all members of CALL who have been a member for one year or longer.

There are very few restrictions on the types of projects which could be funded. Any CALL member (or group of members) may request support to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for a service project in which they are involved or which they would like to initiate.

The following list is not meant to be limiting in any way, but it may help generate ideas:

  • the cost of supplies or outings related to mentoring or tutoring students;
  • and travel or housing costs for volunteering for programs such as World Renew or Habitat projects

Use the CALL Service Grant Application form when making a request. Application for funds must include a brief statement describing the project and list the cost to the volunteer or the organization, as well as the amount of support that is being requested.

Send applications to CALL Service Committee, Calvin College, 3201 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 The committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the CALL board. The Service Committee and the CALL board reserve the right to deny any request.

If the request is granted, the recipient should submit a report (and pictures) of the project at its completion, or after one year if the project is ongoing. The grantee will also be asked to acknowledge the support of CALL in any opportunity to talk or write about the project.

If there are questions about the program or process, please send an e-mail to with “Service grant” in the subject line

Download and print the Service Grant Application (pdf)

Past projects

Loucks group
A Jae Loucks received a CALL service grant to help four women's groups work on Clean Water/Good Hygiene

Natalie and David Bosscher report their use of a CALL grant while spending the better part of September 2008 with the Zuni Christian Mission School on the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico. Both tutored language arts and math from kindergarten through eighth grade. Natalie taught some art enrichment classes to Kindergarten, first, and second graders and taught a drawing class for teachers using the artwork of John James Audubon, Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Druer. She also created some Spanish games and brought along a set of Muzzy videos, a BBC series designed to support foreign language teaching.

In addition to tutoring, David organized the school workshop and made repairs.

The physical plant of the school is made up of five modular classrooms attached to the Ministry Center. “Winds of Change”, the school’s strategic plan, includes a capital campaign to create a modern efficient school. They report "We were amazed by the school’s outreach to the community in partnership with the church. Even more impressive was the cooperation and support of staff with each other."