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Careers: Alumni: Whitney Gannon

Where are they now?

Meet Whitney, a graduate of the class of 2009.

Where are you now?

I am currently employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers in Milwaukee, WI.  I am an audit associate within our CIPs (Consumer Industrial Products) division.

What path did you follow after graduation from Calvin to get where you are now? 

During my senior year of college, I sent my resume to a number of different accounting firms.  I interviewed with a number of firms throughout October, and accepted PwC's offer around the end of October.  I wrapped up my 5th year, and started studying for the CPA exam before I started in September of 2009.  I've spent the last year as a first year associate at PwC.

What to do you value most about your studies in the business or accounting program at Calvin?  Why? 

I believe Calvin really prepared us well for a career in business.  There were things that I had learned that my coworkers had barely even touched on.  I didn't feel as overwhelmed as some of my start class.  Also, some of the experiences I had at Calvin (such as interim Business classes) were once in a lifetime experiences that you won't have after college.

Did you have an internship while you were a student?  If yes, how do you feel you grew from your internship experience? 

I had an internship the summers after my Freshman, Junior and Senior years.  The first one after my Freshman year was with a small business (IDI Supply Inc, in Milwaukee, WI) which helped me to see a small business in action and understand how they work as a result.  That internship nudged me into accounting after seeing how vital it was for this business's survivial.  The second internship I had was the summer after my Junior year with Jeffereson Wells (A Manpower Company) corporate office in Milwaukee, WI.  I returned to Jefferson Wells after my senior year as well.

How does your faith influence you both professionally, and in your personal life as you have navigated the past few years since leaving Calvin? 

My faith is a huge part of my life.  My faith is part of what keeps me sane during our busy season.  In my professional life, it keeps me respectful of my colleagues and clients, even if they aren't being respectful to me.  In my personal lfe, it helps me to prioritize what is really important with the little time I have for myself.

What advice do you have for students considering business or accounting? 

Don't take what you're learning for granted.  You won't realize how much you've really learned until you get the chance to really apply it in your everyday life.

What words of encouragement do you have for students in accounting or business as they think about their careers? 

Don't give up.  There are lots of opportunities out there, and you're more prepared for them than you may think you are.


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In Whitney's words

"Don't take what you're learning for granted.  You won't realize how much you've really learned until you get the chance to really apply it in your everyday life."

Whitney Gannon