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Academics: Business Concentrations

Choose your concentration

The business program prepares you for the competitive job market by offering five concentrations in key areas of business.


What you’ll do in finance: help companies obtain funds needed for growth and help people invest for the future.

You might like this if: you have an analytical mind and enjoy working with accounting and basic math.

Things you’ll study in courses: Corporate finance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, derivatives and corporate social responsibility.

Human resources

What you’ll do in human resources: Manage all things regarding employees in a company, from hiring talent to ensuring compliance with government regulations.

You might like this if: you enjoy working with people and want to help them achieve their goals.

Things you’ll study in courses: human resource management, organizational psychology, social psychology and labor economics.


What you’ll do in marketing: implement strategies to identify and satisfy the wants and needs of customers.

You might like this if: you have both an analytical and creative mind.

Things you’ll study in courses: consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, strategic marketing and group projects with real businesses and non-profit organizations.


What you’ll do in operations: manage the processes that convert inputs into products and services for your customers.

You might like this if: you like problem-solving and working with people.

Things you’ll study in courses: quantitative methods for management, production and operation management.

Small business

What you’ll do in small business: manage all aspects of a business, including marketing, human resources, finance and more.

You might like this if: you have entrepreneurial dreams, and if you are creative, self-confident and energetic.

Things you’ll study in courses: small business management, business law, human resource management or operations management.

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Business program

1. Business Foundation

Begin your business major by taking foundational courses in business, accounting, math and economics.

2. Business Core

Build on your foundation by gaining knowledge and skills in many important areas of business, including management, ethics, finance, marketing and business strategy.

3. Business Concentrations

Deepen your student in one area of business by choosing one of the concentrations on the left.

Program requirements

See the course requirements for the business major and your area of concentration.