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For Christian Students

Boundless Boundless College Living jubilee
Leadership U Relevant Magazine The Art of Great Things
eKOSTA Academic Faithfulness Everyday Christianity
Good News Magazine Alpha Students (Secular) Thank God It's Monday (K)
Whole-LIfe Stewardship God's World (Urbana.org) bethinking.org
Prodigal Magazine Faith in the Workplace CareerNotes


Take Back Your Time Affluenza Project Vacation Better
Leisure Stories by Choi Sandbox Summit Serious Leis
Turn Off Your TV Work to Live (Joe Robinson) Timesizing, not Downsizing
Deep Fun Christian & Sabbath (K) Christian Mom
All About Joy Sabbath Papers Cranky Fitness
Fitness & Health with Dr Zen to Fitness Walking Blog
60 in 3    

Simplicity & Slowdown

On Simplicity Simple Living Simplice.net
Simplicity Forum Frugal Simplicity Simplicity Resource Guide
Choosing Simplicity Simplicity Quotes 1 Simplicity Quotes/Guides
The Simple Way My Simplier Life Get Satisfied
Maedea's Simplicity To Buy or Not To Buy The Joy of Giving
SlowDownNow.org Slow Down Fast Elegant Simple Life
In Praise of Slowness Think Simple Now The Power of Slow
Less is More Unclutterer Miss Minimalist


The Passion Plan Passion Meet Purpose Pursue the Passion
Passion Quotes 1 Passion Quotes 2 Passion Quotes 3
My Favorites Research/Writing Bloggers