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Android Apps

I've created a Score Keeper app for Android that we use to help us keep score when we are playing volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15.
I used AppInventor 2 (http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/) to create it.
Click **here** to download it. Not coming soon: the same thing for Apple devices.


Greasemonkey Moodle Scripts

I get awfully tired of seeing some of the stuff in moodle that is not very useful, or that wastes screen real estate. Fortunately, there is Greasemonkey, a tool that allows one to alter the contents of a web page in your browser before it is displayed.

I have written two greasemonkey scripts that alter moodle web pages before they are displayed in the browser:

  • moodle-courses-filter.user.js: this script operates on the "main moodle" page that faculty see when they log in to moodle -- i.e., the page that says "Overview of my courses". This page normally shows lots of moodle "courses" that are rarely/never used: Master Courses, Master Collaborative Courses, etc. My greasemonkey script filters out all of these courses, leaving only the current semester's courses in the list. (Note that you can still get at these rarely-used courses by installing the "Courses Available to You" block in moodle.)
    Note that for moodle-courses-filter.user.js: you will have to edit the file once a semester so that the current semester's classes are only shown. Using Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) open the file (moodle-courses-filter.user.js) that you downloaded and change the one line in the file that I've indicated needs to be changed each semester. If you can't figure this out, just email me and I'll help you.

  • moodle-gradebook-compress.user.js: this script removes lots of wasted screen real estate in the moodle Grade book page. Here is a sample of what the page normally looks like:

    When my script is activated, the screen now looks like this:

    Note that these images only show the page when editing is turned off. When editing is turned on, the page is also compressed, including removing the "quick feedback" input boxes, which I feel are just a horrible waste of space.


Installation Instructions

Internet Explorer Users:

You are out of luck. Greasemonkey doesn't work for Internet Explorer. Too bad. Switch to a superior browser.

Chrome Users:

  1. Just click on the script you want to use (moodle-courses-filter.user.js or moodle-gradebook-compress.user.js) in Chrome.
  2. Click "Continue", then click "Add".
  3. Now, when you go to the moodle page, it should be altered by the script.

Firefox Users:

  1. Start Firefox and go here to get the Greasemonkey Add-on, and click "Add to Firefox".
  2. Click "Install Now" in the resulting pop-up dialog box. Then restart Firefox.
  3. In Firefox, click on the script you want (moodle-courses-filter.user.js or moodle-gradebook-compress.user.js).
  4. Click Install.
  5. Now, when you go to the moodle page, it should be altered by the script.
  6. (If you want both scripts, you don't have to do steps 1 and 2 the second time.)

More Feature Requests?

If you have other things you would like "fixed" in the way moodle displays stuff, please let me know. I may be able to implement it in Greasemonkey.

Feature requests for Moodle Greasemonkey Scripts
Feature Request Notes Status
On the gradebook page, add a horizontal scrollbar along the top of the table (while keeping the scrollbar also at the bottom). Requested by John Varineau. I've found code to do this, so it should be possible. Not started.