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Middle-school and High-school Outreach
Other Interests
Scripts, code, etc.
Why is this site so boring?

Boring?! You think it is boring?!

This is why it is "boring": because I believe in using the simplest form to communicate what needs to be communicated. So,

  • I don't store a text file in .docx format when a simple text file will do. Why? Because just about everything can read a text file, so why not use it?
  • I don't put whiz-bang javascript applets on my website when I can communicate what needs to be communicated without them.

Did you ever notice how simple the www.google.com web page is? Why should it be full of junk, when you don't need to download and see junk when what you want to do is search? I like these two philosophies:

Keep it simple, stupid.
Whatever you do, do it well.

But, you still want wild and crazy. Ok, you got it.