19th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology

and Special Recognition of Robert Daverman

June 13-15, 2002
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Local organizer
Gerard Venema
Alexander Dranishnikov
Honored on 60th birthday
Robert Daverman
Organized Workshop with Jerry Venema
Sharon Kyser
Gave welcoming speach
President Gaylen Byker
Venema, Garity, Wright, Ancel, and Guilbault
Organizing Committee


Alexander Dranishnikov

Steve Ferry

Heather Johnstonr

Bruce Hughes

Jerzy Dydak

Akira Koyama

Nikolay Brodsky

Jim Turner

Tadek Dobrowolski

Leonard Rubin

Hanspeter Fischer

Ric Ancel

David Radcliffe

Greg Bell

Craig Guilbault

Nikolai Ivanov
Holding his Universe
Lawrence Brenton

Tony Bedenikovic

Paul Fabel

David Wright

John Bryant

James Cannon

William Jaco
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