Confirmed Participants

Name Institution Title of Talk
Ancel, Ric University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Distinguishing Croke-Kleiner Boundaries
Andrist, Kathy Utah Valley State College  
Bass, Charles Mercer Engineering Research Center, Warner Robins, Georgia  
Bedenikovic, Tony Bradley University A description of ribbon disk complements
Bell, Greg University of Florida Property A for groups acting on metric spaces
Born, Steve University of St. Francis  
Brenton, Lawrence Wayne State University Multiply connected models in cosmology
Britton, Paul University of Wisconsin Milwaukee  
Brodsky, Nikolay University of Saskatchewan Global sections in Serre fibration with fibers homeomorphic to 3-manifold
Bryant, John Florida State University Reflections on the Bing-Borsuk Conjecture
Cannon, Jim Brigham Young University Constructing 3-Manifolds: face-pairings, Heegaard splittings, surgery descriptions, and their relationships, with special attention to twisted face-pairing 3-manifolds
Clark, Tom Calvin College  
Daverman, Robert University of Tennessee  
Dobrowolski, Tadek Pittsburg State University On certain i-d compacta and an application
Dranishnikov, Alexander University of Florida Dimension Theory: local and global
Dydak, Jerzy University of Tennessee The algebra of dimension theory
Edwards, Robert D. UCLA  
Fabel, Paul Mississippi State University A complete group of wild braids
Ferdinands, John Calvin College  
Ferry, Steve Rutgers University Embedding homology manifolds in codimension 2
Fischer, Hanspeter Ball State University On homotopy properties of certain Coxeter group boundaries
Floyd, Bill Virginia Tech  
Freden, Eric Southern Utah University  
Garity, Dennis Oregon State University  
Guilbault, Craig University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Taming manifolds that are wild at infinity
Halverson, Denise Brigham Young University  
Henderson, Jim Colorado College  
Hughes, Bruce Vanderbilt University Trees, ultrametrics and C*-algebras
Im, Young Ho Pusan National University, Korea  
Ivanov, Nikolai V. Michigan State University Centalizers in the braid groups
Jaco, William Oklahoma State University Efficient triangulations of 3-manifolds (with applications)
Johnston, Heather Vassar College The coarse Borel conjecture, bounded surgery groups and non-uniformly contractible spaces
Kim, Minjung Kyungpook National University, Korea  
Kim, Yongkuk Kyungpook National University, Korea  
Koyama, Akira Osaka Kyoiku University, Kashiwara, Osaka, Japan On embedding of compacta into the product of curves
Kranjc, Marko Western Illinois University  
Liem, Vo Thanh University of Alabama  
May, Maggie University of Wisconsin Milwaukee  
McDaniel, Mike Aquinas College  
Parry, Walter Eastern Michigan University  
Pronk, Dorette Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Pruim, Randall Calvin College  
Radcliffe, David University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Unique factorization of graph products of groups
Rubin, Leonard University of Oklahoma G-acyclic resolutions for metrizable compacta
Sanders, Bud McMurry University  
Shchepin, Evgeny Steklov Mathematical Institute
Moscow, Russia
On low-dimensional fibrations
Schori, Dick Oregon State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Nevada Reno  
Taylor, Tara Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Thickstun, Tom Southwest Texas State University  
Thurston, Paul Hiwire Inc.  
Tinsley, Fred Colorado College Perfect subgroups of HNN extensions
Turner, Jim Calvin College When is a manifold triangulated? Revisiting a classical result from the viewpoint of homotopy theory
VanderLugt, Rachel Calvin College  
van Groningen, Anthony University of Wisconsin Milwaukee  
VanZwalenberg, George Calvin College  
Vasilevska, Violeta University of Tennessee  
Venema, Gerard Calvin College  
Walsh, John Cleveland State University  
Winters, Bobby Pittsburg State University  
Wright, David Brigham Young University Homeomorphisms of the Whitehead Manifold