Phase Plane Plotter

An Interactive Applet powered by Sage and MathJax.

(By Thomas Scofield)

\textrm{Given a planar 1st order system initial value problem } \newline \textrm{} \qquad\begin{array}{l} x' = f(t,x,y) \\ y' = g(t,x,y) \end{array}, \qquad (x_0, y_0) = (x(t_0), y(t_0)), \newline \textrm{(} t \textrm{ is independent, } x, y \textrm{ are dependent), this app plots the corresponding solution} \newline \textrm{curves } (x(t), y(t)) \textrm{ parametrically on the phase plane. For autonomous} \newline \textrm{systems, we plot the slope field and attempt to plot equilibria (red points).}

Last modified on July 29th, 2017.