An Interactive Applet powered by Sage and MathJax.

(By Kelsey Norman with HTML code from Prof. Gregory V. Bard)

\textrm{Given two functions } f, g \textrm{ and end points } a, b, \textrm{ this demo computes and displays} \\ \textrm{the centroid, whose coordinates are given by} \\ \bar x = \frac{1}{A} \int_a^bx[f(x)-g(x)] \, dx, \qquad \bar y = \frac{1}{A} \int_a^b \frac{1}{2} ([ f(x) ]^2 - [g(x)]^2) \, dx \\ \textrm{where } A = \int_a^b[f(x)-g(x)] \, dx.

Last modified on July 27th, 2017.