Learning from Data
Interim, 2015

Course Information


Resources for class

Notes from class, Day 1
The R Studio server
Video lectures by chapter/topic
Electronic copy of text Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISLR), by James, Witten, Hastie & Tibshirani
R Markdown: a tutorial; more resources; paper by Udwin and Baumer about its role in reproducible research
Some notes on formulas in R
Trevor Hastie's introduction to the glmnet package

Shared from class

Relevant to Chapter 6, Exercise 8: How (in that context) to make a model matrix
Chapter 7 lab presentations: 7.8.1; 7.8.2 part 1, part 2; 7.8.3
Some snippets of exercises from Chapter 7: Problem 6(a), 9(d) and (e)

Of related interest

Job and tech-related news
Sources of data
US City Open Data Census
Turn websites into data
Government data and data challenges

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