Math 335A
Numerical Analysis
Spring, 2009

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Homework assignments and selected solutions
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* Numerical Analysis Links:

The chapters of Numerical Computing with MATLAB, by Cleve Moler (one of MATLAB's creators)
A classic text, Numerical Recipes, 3rd Ed. (also the 2nd Edition, written specifically for the C language)
Lecture notes on numerical solution of DEs and linear algebra by Deturck & Wilf
Numerical analysis notes by Peter Olver of Univ. of Minnesota
Numerical analysis notes by Paul A. Gray, then of Emory Univ.

* Related Topics Links:

Newton basins: fractal images arise when Newton's method is used to find zeros of complex-valued functions

* Software:

The Mathworks, homepage (student versions of MATLAB are available for $99)
OCTAVE homepage, a powerful free package similar to MATLAB
A nice tutorial
A directory of scripts
Mozilla homepage
C/C++ compilers for Windows: Borland | Microsoft | a longer list

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