Math 243A
Spring, 2004

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* Applets

Effect of adjusting bin size in a histogram: applet 1 | applet 2
Sampling Reese's Pieces
An applet for the distribution of simulated dice rolls
From W. H. Freeman and Co. publishing
Mean & median | 1-variable statistics calculator | Normal curve calculator
Correlation & regression | Simple random sample | What is probability?
Expected value | Central limit theorem | Normal approximation to binomial distribution
Confidence intervals | Tests of significance | 1-way ANOVA | 2-asset portfolios
More applets on normal distributions: Seeing Statistics | the 68-95-99.7 rule

* Other course materials

Labs: Lab 1 | Lab 2
A table of useful information concerning certain density functions
Notes on means/variances for combinations of variables
Sources of nonsampling error
Final exam review: Review questions (general) | Inference practice problems and their solutions

* Tips for studying and policies: Group work and integrity | Reading the textbook

* Miscellany: Grading codes

* Software

Mozilla web browser for Windows or Mac OS X
Stata: links to online learning resources
R: Download v. 1.8.1 (Windows) | list of add-on packages | manuals

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