Grading Codes

AEM  =  Adding Exponents which should be Multiplied
CES  =  Cancelling Everything in Sight
CFE  =  Check For Extremum (i.e., not all critical nos. correspond to extrema)
CNFE  =  Confusing Negative and Fractional Exponents
CTFN  =  a Constant Times a Function is Nonconstant
DNS  =  Determinants do Not Scale
ECF  =  Error Carried Forward (without additional penalty)
EPE  =  Equation Properties for Expressions
FP  =  Frivolous Parentheses
GOWU  =  Goal Of Work is Unclear
LFB  =  Linear Function Behavior
MEA  =  Multiplying Exponents which should be Added
MFCT  =  Multiplication in the Frequency domain corresponds to Convolution in the Time domain
MIP  =  Multiplication Ignoring Powers
MND  =  Multiplication Not Distributive
MRRZ  =  Misunderstood Relationship between Roots and Zeros
MT  =  Empty
MWP  =  Multiplication without Parentheses
NAP  =  Not an Antiderivative of Previous (integrand)
NLDE  =  NonLinear Differential Equation
NSDE  =  Not a Separable Differential Equation
NSF  =  Not in Standard Form
NSRAC  =  Not a Simple Renaming of an Arbitrary Constant
OO  =  Order of (Algebraic) Operations
PUML  =  Poor Use of Mathematical Language
RPRI  =  Review the Power Rule for Integration
RSM  =  Review the Substitution Method
SFET  =  Shift in the Frequency domain corresponds to Exponential factor in the Time domain
UAS  =  Undo Addition with Subtraction
UEC  =  Using Equals as a Conjunction
UMD  =  Undo Multiplication with Division
UPR  =  Use the Product Rule
UQR  =  Use the Quotient Rule

Top Algebra Errors Made by Calculus Students (full document)

Thomas L. Scofield 2003-09-04