Math 172 A/B
Calculus II
Fall, 2017

Course Information

Moodle (not used much)
Grading codes (see the TAE document for many algebra helps)
Course Syllabus: SLOs, expectations, grade calculation, accommodations & miscellany
Exam Solutions (password required): Test 1 Form A, Form B | Test 2 Form A, Form B | Test 3 Form A, Form B
Instructor's homepage (See for a current list of office hours)
Final exam resources


A multi-function plotter
Approximation methods for definite integrals
Simpson's rule
A parametric curve plotter
A polar function plotter
Arc length for functions of x, and for parametric curves
The centroid of a region
A function plotted with some of its Taylor polynomials partial sums of series
Understanding the alternating series test
Flash applets for plotting parametric curves in the plane: Applet 1, Applet 2
Parametrization of a line in space
Graphs of functions of two variables (surfaces)

Calculus instructional video links

Differential calculus video library
Integral calculus video library
Calc II Video lectures by Ellie Blair Kennedy (not officially connected to our course or text, but you may find a desired topic)
A nice video lecture on an integral problem that requires completing the square
Integral calculus at Khan Academy

Additional resources

A page with problem statements and worked solutions from D.A. Kouba at UC-Davis
Integration techniques drills: substitution, trigonometric substitution, by parts, partial fractions, trig integrands and reduction formulas
Practice in improper integrals
Some Calculus notes from 2007, arranged by topic (don't trust section or page numbers!) written by your instructor


Sage: A SageMathCloud server, or open a SageMathCell
Wolfram Alpha
TI graphing calculators:
Enter a matrix and calculate a determinant using a TI-83/84
Calculator guidebooks: 83 | 83-Plus/Silver Ed. | 85 | 86 | 89/92-Plus | 89-Titanium

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