Math 170A
Calculus I and Elementary Functions, Part II
Interim, 2018

Course Information

WebAssign (the one you paid for, and has “try one like it” sometimes)
WebWork (the free one)
Grading codes (see the TAE document for many algebra helps)
Course Syllabus: SLOs, expectations, grade calculation, accommodations & miscellany
Tests: 1, 2
Quizzes: 1, 2, 3
Instructor's homepage (See for a current list of office hours)


Precalculus apps
An app for viewing multiple functions on same plot
Defining cosine and sine on the unit circle
Visualizing a function and its inverse
Finding angles that satisfy a trig equation
An implicit function plotter
Calculus apps
Secant line tending toward tangent line
The real definition of “the limit of f as x approaches c
The Squeeze theorem
The Intermediate Value theorem
The bisection method for finding roots
Graphing together a function and its derivatives
Visualizing the Mean Value Theorem
See how Newton's method works
View methods of approximating definite integrals
The Mean Value theorem
Riemann sums flash applet
View a function and some of its antiderivatives
Visualize a volume of revolution generated by a single curve rotated about any axis
Visualize the approximation using cylinders of a volume of revolution when rotated about a horizontal line

Additional resources

Another calculus text (alternate explanations?): Active Calculus, by Boelkins, Austin and Schlicker, downloadable for free by chapter
A page with problem statements and worked solutions from D.A. Kouba at UC-Davis
Differential calculus video library, containing links to many examples of content from Chs. 2-4
Integral calculus video library, containing links to many examples of content from Chs. 5-6 and beyond (as high up as Ch. 14)
Differential and integral calculus videos at Khan Academy
Calculus links (including problems with full solutions) at


Sage: A SageMathCloud server, or open a SageMathCell
Wolfram Alpha
TI calculators:
Guidebooks for TI graphing calculators: 83 | 83-Plus/Silver Ed. | 85 | 86 | 89/92-Plus | 89-Titanium

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