Math 169A
Calculus I and Elementary Functions
Fall, 2017

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Class handouts/worksheets
Grading codes (see the TAE document for many algebra helps)
Course Syllabus: SLOs, expectations, grade calculation, accommodations & miscellany
Solutions (password required):
Tests: 1, 2, 3, 4
Quizzes: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Precalculus apps
An app for viewing multiple functions on same plot
Defining cosine and sine on the unit circle
Visualizing a function and its inverse
Finding angles that satisfy a trig equation
An implicit function plotter
Calculus apps
Secant line tending toward tangent line
The real definition of “the limit of f as x approaches c
The Squeeze theorem
The Intermediate Value theorem
The bisection method for finding roots
See how Newton's method works
View a function and its derivatives
The Mean Value theorem
Riemann sums flash applet

Additional resources

Another calculus text (alternate explanations?): Active Calculus, by Boelkins, Austin and Schlicker, downloadable for free by chapter
A page with problem statements and worked solutions from D.A. Kouba at UC-Davis
Differential calculus video library, containing links to many examples of content from Chs. 2-4
Integral calculus video library, containing links to many examples of content from Chs. 5-6 and beyond (as high up as Ch. 14)
Differential and integral calculus videos at Khan Academy
Calculus links (including problems with full solutions) at


Sage: A SageMathCloud server, or open a SageMathCell
Wolfram Alpha
TI calculators:
Guidebooks for TI graphing calculators: 83 | 83-Plus/Silver Ed. | 85 | 86 | 89/92-Plus | 89-Titanium

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