Math 162B/C
Calculus II
Spring, 2007

Links reinforcing material from MATH 161

Riemann sums
Newton's method
An applet demonstration [Furman]
An online tutorial (includes Bisection Method as well) [U Utah]
In the complex plane (fractals) [U Chicago]
Newton-Raphson method [Ga Tech]
A simple graphing utility
An applet plotting a particle's position, velocity or acceleration along a line.
An applet illustration of the definition of limit
Some examples showing why numerical evaluation of limits can be untrustworthy.
Drill on finding horizontal and vertical asymptotes. Solutions provided.
Movement of secant line toward tangent line: applet 1 | applet 2
Relationship between a function and its derivative applet 1 | applet 2 | applet 3
Differentiability implies continuity, but the converse is not true.

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